Before we even take our first steps, we all learn to rely on certain crutches to help us stay on our feet as we make our way through our lives. Although we innocently picked them up as a way of getting us closer to the love and approval that we desired, the more we come to rely on them the more these crutches can become a hindrance to the life we want to lead, carrying us right into the pain and isolation they were meant to help us avoid. 


The desire for approval from your parents via a pat on the back as a kid, now seeks that same security from total strangers via a like on a post. 


The unconditional love and togetherness that you felt while preparing meals with that special family member, are the same feelings you now chase as you comfort eat alone. 


Whereas you used to have a drink simply to take the edge off, you’ve now lost your edge entirely and you’re not even sure why you drink anymore, or when you’ll stop once you’ve started. 


This book was written to help you to identify which crutches you use to keep you on your feet and where you picked them up to begin with, to learn how to make your way through life without them and to find a healthy balance so that you don’t have to live a life that is only either black or white. No matter what the substance or behavior is that popped into your mind as you read its back cover, what’s inside of this book can help you overcome it, and live your life in the grey.


“This book dares to keep going where others stop. It pushes us beyond our being a broken object that needs fixing into a realm where we can live as a whole being, healed, and ready for the present moment.” - K. Keplinger


“This book is not only informative, but interesting and so down to earth!  It made me think about all of the areas of my own life that I want to improve and I think it will be able to help a lot of people!” - M. Morby


“So much humanity, raw honesty, relatability and the twist at the end?!  F*cking brilliant!  I knew there had to be another way!” - L. Tomlinson

Life Without Crutches Paperback Book

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